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Tsiyon Music is a recording studio dedicated to the production of music that exalts Jesus Christ as Lord and encourages the Church to worship God in spirit and in truth. We endeavour to see the airwaves of this nation affected in greater measure with local gospel songs, inspired by scripture, and in our own heart language. Let the songs arise!


We are committed to facilitating the fulfillment of the word which the Lord spoke to JaHOP in 2015, by allowing for Christian artistes to have their music recorded at an affordable cost and under professional services.



Audio recording (voice and instruments)

Commercial music and voiceovers

Audio for video and film post-production

Audio for literature

Live/On-Location recording

Mixing and Mastering

Training in music production, i.e. sound engineering, recording, mixing and mastering



$2,500 for recording an Ad

$3,000 per hour (recording)

$2,000 per hour (rehearsal)


The full 100% will be required upfront.


$15,000 per song (three 5 hour sessions)

[A 50% deposit will be required upfront. The remaining 50% must be paid upfront at the last recording session.]


$12,000 per band member

***Discounted rates are available. Conditions apply.


$23,000 per song | MIXING


$7,000 per song | MASTERING

***These services MAY BE contracted out at the client's request.

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