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Prayer Room


​It is a good idea to have a general plan for how you will spend your time in the prayer room. Here are some practical suggestions that may be used to help focus your prayer room time, and make it fruitful:

Turn off all your electronic devices or put them on silent (unless they are being used for Bible Study).

have a prayer plan! meditate on a scripture, pray through your prayer list or join in with the worship leader in worship

use & Study the Apostolic Prayers while you intercede! (available in the back of the seat in front of you)

Journaling! Write down your prayers, revelations and thoughts about God. While you pray or meditate have your journal open to write down what the lord may be speaking to you about in that moment. 

take a break! If you need a moment to refresh yourselF, head on over to our kitchen to enjoy some Ja-Snacks.  

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