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In keeping with God's heart as outlined in Isaiah 58, our aim is to combine 24/7 prayers for justice with 24/7 works of justice. We desire to ground ourselves in prayer and worship, focusing on growing in intimacy with the Lord, as we cry out to God for the outpouring of His power. From this place of prayer we have set out to support churches and school groups that desire to build and/or improve their prayer lives.

Our current outreach programs include:

From time to time we visit different UCCF/ISCF groups in our local universities and high schools - eg. UWI Mona and Merl Grove High School.
IGNITE - these are our times of prayer and worship in our high schools and universities.
Workshops - we are available to lead teaching sessions at various churches.

As part of our mandate to equip the church for Jesus' second coming we've also been leading/teaching in prayer meetings in our local churches across denominations. Churches are free to invite us to come and share with them during a Sunday morning service or at a prayer meeting as we seek to get the word out and awaken the hearts of men and women, young and old, to return to the place of prayer for revival to come to our land.

We also intend to increase our works of justice by being more deliberate in our evangelism efforts, and exercising the gifts of the Spirit, including healing and prophecy.
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