Harp & Bowl

Worship with The Word

This format is designed to be a singing Bible study and can be very beneficial for helping your heart to engage with the Lord through the scriptures. They are more devotional in nature and include singing the Biblical truths of who God is and what His promises are. We encourage you to:


  • Participate in singing the corporate worship songs.

  • Engage in spontaneous singing by singing in the Spirit, singing directly from the Psalms, and singing passages of Scripture.

  • Follow along in the Bible with the passages that are being used by the worshiper/worship team.

  • Sing your own phrases along with the singers.

  • Journal any revelation you receive from the verses being prayed/sung.


This format is designed for corporate intercession primarily using the Apostolic Prayers. One of the goals is to pray together about a specific prayer focus. The worship leader and singers will respond with that which is prayed and try to develop a chorus that the entire room can sing. We encourage you to:

  • Participate in singing the corporate worship songs.

  • Engage in the spontaneous singing, as in worship and the Word.

  • Have your Bible out so that you may follow along with the intercessor on the microphone.

  • Pray in the Spirit or pray for someone or some group that you know, or according to the corporate prayer agenda for that period.

  • Posture yourself in a position that helps you focus, such as standing or pacing.

  • Pray on the microphone (the prayer leader will guide you).


Devotional - These worship sets are acoustic in nature and create an atmosphere in which a person can have personal devotion and meditation.

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